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“It would make a great TV series (“Scrubs” vet school style) … Great people, great book. A must read for all.” — A Vet Student
“I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! … The deeper I got into the book the more I didn’t want it to end.” — Harriet Mack-Golding, Virginia
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“Couldn’t put it down so I read it in one sitting … truly enjoyable, full of heartfelt emotion and vivid characters.” — Craig Watson, University of Florida
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“I absolutely loved this book! …The suggested soundtrack was a brilliant idea and something I’d never seen before in a novel…” — Susannah in North Carolina
“Just as Scott Turow’s ‘One L’ has become a must read for those aspiring to attend law school, ‘An Animal Life’ is destined to become required reading for anyone who dreams of becoming an animal doctor.” — Tim in Philadelphia
“Surprisingly candid. Exceedingly humorous … I really enjoyed the persistent romantic tension that was palpable throughout …” — Jeff, Cornell CVM 4th year
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“A great read for anyone but a super fun read for animal lovers … One of my favorites was the description of the Alpha Mu house. I really wanted to be there for a while and absorb the wonderful absurdity of it all. Loved it!” — Dario from Milan, Italy 
“It struck my funnybone and then later my heart.” — Robert Blama
Written with great humor, intelligence and compassion, as well as suspense (and a touch of romance) this book was a quick, fun and memorable read!” — Laura in California
“As soon as I finished reading the prologue I knew that this book was going to be special.” — Sharon in Maryland
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“Although a work of fiction, there are too many truths in these pages, I laughed and cried, remembering that crazy first year…” — Jennifer in Pennsylvania
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“Just hilarious! But not all was fun & games, and I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the writing when it came to such themes as loss and even death. And the sweet love stories were as endearing as anything I’ve read.” — Dave in California
“This book is nothing short of amazing … A must read for all pet owners!” — David in Florida
“… If you haven’t read [this book], read it … You will never be the same.” — Brad in Kentucky
“Best Book I Read All Year! … The writing is unique and sharp. I even enjoyed reading the glossary and the recommended song listing for each chapter.  What a brilliant idea…” — Gary in Scranton
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“Living and Reading the Dream! … Witty, charming, and riddled with picturesque metaphors that bring the characters alive!” — Brittany in Colorado
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“I loved this book, couldn’t put it down and finished it in three days! — Michelle Mueller
“Read it. You’ll simultaneously want to laugh, cry, swoon, and throw up.” — Phil in Vermont
“I was laughing out loud reading this…A witty combination of humor and academia.” — Rikki Schroeder
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“It struck my funnybone and then later my heart… Don’t let this book get away. You will love it!” — Robert in Maryland
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“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! [There’s] supposed to be another one written, and I will be there to buy it the minute it’s printed!!” — Tracey in FL
“What a shame I had to come to the last page – I enjoyed every well written word!” — Becky
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“An Animal Life would make a great TV series.” — Sonja in MD
“Reading this book opened up a whole new world for me…” — Sharon in MD
“The authors do a fabulous job of mixing a real setting with believable characters, and I found myself drawn into the story not wanting it to end.” — Erica in NJ
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“Prepare yourself for a healthy dose of laughter!” — SSH in Vermont
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