Veterinary School - The Holy Grail for animal lovers the world over.

Millions dream of vet school, few make it in. The chosen discover a hidden world of the most demanding discipline on Earth. (Cue ominous kettle drums…) The first-year “Death Row Crew” is as likely to be skewered by a heron, pranked by their med student rivals, or drummed out by a mule-tough professor as they are to solve a national medical epidemic or find True Love while holding hands inside the belly of a cow — but they never give up on their quest for An Animal Life. (okay, fade kettle drums…)

If you love animals and ever wanted to go to vet school, here’s your chance to experience the joys and challenges without being kicked, scratched or bitten — and at 0.00001% the cost of tuition!


“The captivating and sentimental story completely blew me away!” MJL, Fort Collins
“Well written, immensely entertaining and simple yet clearly deep.”Julie, Philadelphia
“I laughed more than anything … It is so well written and delightful that I would recommend this one highly.” Readers’ Favorite Reviews
Craig Watson University of Florida
Couldn’t put it down so I read it in one sitting ... truly enjoyable, full of heartfelt emotion and vivid characters.
A Vet Student
It would make a great TV series (“Scrubs” vet school style) ... Great people, great book. A must read for all.
Marc Pickard, Reporter (Ret.), WXIA-TV Atlanta
... a combination of ‘Paper Chase’ and ‘Animal House’ ... bright, funny, interesting characters ... made me laugh out loud ...
Hugh in Vermont
...this is an especially delicious way to spend a few hours. But set them aside in advance because you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve come to the end of The Beginning.
Heather in Florida
It was funny with great characters and a little romance too (like The Princess Bride). I can’t wait to read the next one in the series!
Becky in Baltimore
This is a deeply entertaining book full of complex, engaging human and animal characters.
Barbara Prevost Overton
As a person who likes to read, listen to music and support causes that matter to me – this book is a 3 for 3 hit...
Harriet Mack-Golding, Virginia
I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! ... The deeper I got into the book the more I didn’t want it to end.
Joanne in Florida
What a great book! ... A must read for anyone who has animals or who is interested in the veterinary field.
Brent from Baltimore, Maryland
This is a must read for anyone thinking of going to veterinary school. If you love animals and like to laugh, this is the book for you!
Dave in California
I’ve always liked stories about students being challenged, like ‘Paper Chase’ ... Well done, guys– the Force is strong with this one! When does the movie come out?

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